The Money In Question (And How It Can Be Doubled)

The Money

HERE it is, all £232.50 of it, consisting of coins and banknotes all potentially to be found in your pocket and mine.
For some time I have noticed the increasing appearance of “special edition” or “commemorative” coins in general circulation and, as a regular eBay user, I noticed that some of these have been sold for more than their face value – that is that some coins in common circulation have an alternate, and higher, value to collectors.
It is a phenomenon I have long been aware of in relation to the regular issue of new designs of banknotes by Scottish banks and in the past have sold examples of these to collectors in other countries (usually England) for a payment far in excess of the face values of these notes.
Several months ago I decided to accumulate whatever examples of these non-standard coins found their way to me simply by popping these into a piggy bank. At the same time I resolved to find out more about these coins and their potential worth to collectors in both the UK and overseas.
As a regular eBay seller, I decided that the best way to establish the potential value of these coins was to offer these for auction and see what they raised.
The first few coins sold for roughly twice their face value, prompting me to set the challenge of doubling the total face value of the coins I had accumulated.
The next few coins have already been listed for sale and I plan to update readers on the progress of my challenge and give regular updates on the latest interesting coins I have found.
In addition, I plan to feature posts about selected individual coins, sales or buyers with a story to be shared.
So come back regularly to see my progress on this quest and how the bottom line changes each week.

Total worth (January 15th 2013): £232.50