More “Interesting” Coins Discovered

How could I have failed in the past to notice the high number of interesting coins that pass through my hands.
Maybe the post-Christmas period has been unusual (surely this rate of discoveries can’t be sustained) but over the past couple of weeks I have plucked more than £25 from my pocket change to add to my kitty of “interesting” coins.
This was made up of eight Olympic 50 pences, a rare 2008 Britannia 50p (to replace one I sold this week for 99p plus £1.20 postage) and assorted other commemorative 50p releases (Roger Bannister, dictionary, VC Heroic Acts, Scouting and Guides).
In addition I acquired various notable £2 coins – Mary Rose, Abolition of Slavery, Charles Darwin, The London Blitz, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and what I first suspected was the fourth example of the “Pemember” minting error on the rim of the 2005 Guy Fawkes anniversary coin but closer inspection revealed that both legs of the initial Rs in the quotation “Remember Remember The Fifth Of November” were present (if rather faint).
There were also four Belfast pound coins from the recent “Capital Cities” series and a Gibraltar pound coin carrying a representation of a Neanderthal skull discovered on the rock. This last find was fortuitous as it replaced an example I sold three days earlier to an American lady in Trenton, Maine, for £1.50 plus £2.50 postage.

Coins recovered from change - Saturday January 12th 2013
Coins recovered from change – Saturday January 12th

On top of this in my change I spotted, but decided not to reject, several foreign or regional coins, including a 1999 20 pence from Guernsey, a five pence from Gibraltar and seven US Dimes in my change!
I have already listed the Guernsey coin on eBay at a starting price of 99p and will see what response this gets.
Unfortunately, previous eBay auctions earlier this month mean that I have exceeded the 100 limit of insertion fee-free 99p listings for January so I will have to wait until either next month or the next “free listing” weekend before offering more coins for sale.
My next post will update the coin inventory with these additions and the results of the first two waves of eBay auctions.
I will also define more clearly how the challenge of doubling the face value of the currency held will be measured.