The Most Fruitful Day Yet

I’ve said before how astonished I have been to see the coins and notes that pass through my hands on an average day but the sheer variety of coins I acquired today was amazing.

TT, Pemember, 2008, England Flag, English shilling, etc.
TT, Pemember, 2008, England Flag, English shilling, etc.

Firstly there was yet another “Pemember” edge text error £2 Guy Fawkes coin from 2005 (where an error shows one of the two legs on the Rs as absent, leaving the text around the rim to read “Pemember Pemember The Fifth Of November”). I have now found five of these in less than two months and am starting to wonder just how unusual these actually are.

Then there was an example of the £2 coins issued to mark the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002 but this is the first example I have had which bears the St George’s Cross flag of England. I have previously had two with the Welsh flag.

Next was another Isle of Man pound coin from 2007 bearing the image of St John’s Chapel and the Tynwald Hill.

In addition there were was an example of the 2006 50p issued to commemorate the Victoria Cross, the weightlifting coin issued as part of the set of 29 sports on 50p coins for the London Olympics and the first example I have seen of the 1997 Isle of Man 50p carrying an image of two motorbikes taking part in the island’s famous TT race.

On top of this I acquired a 2003 Bailiwick of Jersey five pence coin showing Seymour Tower and an English Shilling coin from 1961!

All in all, a fascinating collection of notable coins to make their way into my hands however this evening I found details of two more units of UK currency that have sadly eluded me so far and I fear will continue to do so for a long time:

This fascinating article on the BBC website outlines the presence of thousands of high value banknotes which promise to pay the bearer either one million pounds (known as a “Giant”) or 100 million (known as a “Titan”).


Even before I started my current habit of checking my change, I think I would have spotted one of these if it was handed over at the Co-op, butchers or paper shop – ah we can dream.

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