A Barman's Attempt To Double His Tips

A little more about how I have been able to accumulate so many notable coins on a regular basis.
Like everybody else, I occasionally spot an unusual coin in my change when I’m out shopping but even a serious shopaholic would find it almost impossible to track down interesting coins in the volumes I have done over the past few months.
The secret (and my employer insists that it must remain a secret) is that I have a part-time job behind a bar in a local town.
This means that each weekend I handle literally thousands of coins and am able to set aside those that catch my eye.
Then I am able to include these interesting coins (at face value) in whatever tips I have been given by customers.
One downside is that my close inspection of coins given in payment has not gone unnoticed by some of the regulars and they have asked whether I suspect people of passing forgeries. However, since once I have explained what I am looking for some now even bring in other examples they have found in their change elsewhere.
I am now regularly asked how my challenge to double the value of my tips is going to which my usual tongue in cheek reply is that it would be much more successful if their tipping was more generous, prompting teasing about me being the most miserable barman in town.
So that explains my regular supply of notable and less common coins.
A handful know about this blog but the owner of the bar involved has asked that the premises are not identified so …

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