A Very Wordy eBay Listing!

Here’s a recent eBay listing at it appeared – too many words, I know, but I had to justify my claims of this coin’s interest.

(The outcome was that a collector in Kent paid just over £7 for this coin – exceeding the DoubleTheMoney target.)

DSCF0423The Royal Mint’s Rarest Official Release

This is the text from my auction of what I think may be the most notable coin to have been presented across the bar.

Let me know what you think …

London to Rio Olympic Handover – Rarest £2 Coin

Every year The Royal Mint issues millions of new coins to replace those lost or removed from circulation. For additional examples of the country’s regular coinage, the additional examples number tens of millions each year.

Additionally, the Mint can also release commemorative coins to mark special events, historical anniversaries or people of note and the number of coins in these these special releases typically run to seven figures (low millions), although occasionally these issues are subdivided, allowing smaller numbers of varieties with a smaller number, such as the 29 individual sports included in 2011’s Olympic 50p series. Releases of less than a million are rare however until last year, the smallest number included in any official release from the mint was 210,000 for the sought-after Kew Gardens fifty pence coin of 2009.

(NOTE: all figures quoted here can be verified on the Royal Mint’s official mintage tables – www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/circulation-coin-mintage-figures/two-pounds-to-20p-issued )

Then things changed over the past few years. First in 2008 there were two commemorative £2 coins issued to mark the Olympics with fewer than a million struck of each – Centenary of the 2008 London Olympics (910,000 released) and Beijng Handover to the 2012 London Olympics (918,000 – see separate listing). This was followed by the Kew Gardens 50p release, the small numbers of this issue ensured it quickly became one of the most sought-after coins for all collectors.

In 2010-11 this was followed by the smaller runs for the various cities included in the Capital Cities Pound coins of 2010-11 (only 935,000 Edinburgh coins were included) and the 29 50p coins issued to celebrate the range of sports seen at the Games (each with a run of more than a million, the smallest being 1,125,500 for Football).

Then in 2012, the Mint changed the game completely with the issue of this, the final coin in its Olympic series. Marking the Handover of the Olympic flame from London to Rio for the Games in 2016, this coin shows a relay baton being passed between two hands. Just 65,000 of these were struck, making it by far the smallest official run by the Royal Mint (only a handful of famous errors or the regular proof coins for collectors are less common).

All coins I sell have been presented for payment at the public bar where I have a part-time job and, unsurprisingly, this is the only example of this coin I have seen (I’ve even had a couple of Kew Gardens over the past year!). It is in excellent condition with little evidence of impact form its short time in circulation.

Apologies for rambling on and on about this coin but I feel its scarcity had to be explained. I will also copy this listing on my coin collecting blog so please visit www.DoubleTheMoney.info to learn about my efforts to maximise the value of my tips. You can also contact me either through the blog or via normal eBay channels.

I will of course offer discounted postage for those who win more than one auction so please wait until I have sent you an invoice for the total amount if you have won more than one auction.

Good Luck to all bidders

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