Approaching A Milestone

I joined eBay more than a decade ago as an internet outlet for the output of a new business I was planning but this week my focus is not on the money I receive from customers but on the positive feedback they have left.
Sadly the reproduction historic photographs I joined to offer initially were not popular enough to support me and my fledgling family but in the intervening years on eBay almost 1,000 customers and suppliers have given me positive feedback when I have traded an item with them.
The vast majority of these have been customers who bought one of the hundreds of banknotes, coins, postcards, books or pictures I regularly offer for sale online.
Currently my feedback sits at 999 and I have been watching to see if I my purple star will be elevated to a red star to denote my promotion to the next level of trustworthiness.
A handy table at the bottom of my Seller Dashboard tells me that I made my first eBay sale on August 9th 2003, followed by another 1,063 in the years until today. As the individual value of those coins, postcards, books, etc. that I sell is not large, the total value of these sales has been less than £5,000 over my decade on eBay. But today that cash figure’s not so important; I am waiting to see if any of the eight customers who bought from me in recent weeks but failed so far to leave feedback will be the one responsible for my promotion to a red star trader. Of course I could always just buy something and send a PayPal payment, allowing the seller to add positive feedback but in a way that would feel like cheating. I want to earn that red star with another positive review of my customer service. Will that happen before Christmas?