Free Money

Normally I acquire the notes and coins I sell as they are offered in payment across the bar where I work at weekends.
This means I get them for face value and all I have to do is select those which will have a greater value to collectors but sometimes this is made easier when I either find money or am handed it for free.
Once this happened when a shop assistant handed me an Icelandic 50 kronur coin in my change instead of a pound coin. This coin is worth roughly a quarter of a pound but is a similar size and colour to a UK pound coin so I’m sure this was an honest mistake on behalf of the checkout operator.
However, when I pointed out the presence of the foreign coin she was mortified and insisted on giving me the pound coin that should have been offered originally. I initially attempted to decline this correction, noting that I was fascinated to get an unusual coin in my change. It turned out to be my lucky day because the checkout assistant insisted I take both the pound coin and the 50 kronur coin, noting, “It’s worthless in this country anyway.”
Far from being worthless, within a week a man in London had sent me £2.70 to buy the fascinating 1987 coin which featured a crab and images of four traditional guardian spirits.

Free Iceland 50 Kronur Coin
Free Iceland 50 Kronur Coin