Mintage of London 2012 Olympic 50p Coins

A quick scan of internet searches that have led people to this website reveals that one of the most common things people are hoping to find is reliable information about the number of each of the 49 sport varieties minted for this landmark 2011 series.
While all this information (and mintage figures for all coins released into circulation by the Royal Mint) can be found at:

Perhaps it would be more helpful if I simply list the relevant London 2012 Olympic mintage figures here:

Aquatics 2,179,000
Archery 3,345,500
Athletics 2,224,000
Badminton 2,133,500
Basketball 1,748,000
Boccia 2,166,000
Boxing 2,148,500
Canoeing 2,166,500
Cycling 2,090,500
Equestrian 2,142,500
Fencing 2,115,500
Football 1,125,500
Goalball 1,615,500
Gymnastics 1,720,813
Handball 1,676,500
Hockey 1,773,500
Judo 1,161,500
Modern Pentathlon 1,689,500
Rowing 1,717,300
Sailing 1,749,500
Shooting 1,656,500
Table tennis 1,737,500
Taekwondo 1,664,000
Tennis 1,454,000
Triathlon 1,163,500
Volleyball 2,133,500
Weightlifting 1,879,500
Wheelchair Rugby 1,765,500
Wrestling 1,129,500

One word of caution, however. To my knowledge this list does not include the number of coins issued before their design was replaced, such as the 2009 “Blue Peter” athletics coin and the sought-after first version of the aquatics coin which was replaced because the swimmer’s face was rendered almost invisible until the coin was redesigned.

The rarity of these two coins, along with the high level of demand from collectors, has ensured that Olympic 50ps are becoming extremely scare in circulation and that the rarer coins (such as the two examples mentioned above) can sell for prices in excess of £1,000.

Come back soon to discover just how much each of these have been selling for (in some cases it is much more than their face value, helping me towards my target of raising twice the face value of my tips).


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