Finally Found A New 2015 Definitive "Out In The Wild"

I knew I’d find one eventually but I don’t know why it took so long for me to spot a brand new 2015 coin in my change.

Finally last week the wait was over when I examined a shiny 5p coin which tumbled out with my change from a self-checkout machine at my local Asda supermarket.

Yes, I’d seen other 2015 proof coins offered for sale on eBay by people who had bought them direct from the Royal Mint or a coin dealer but normally I only sell coins I have been able to pick up at face value from normal circulation.

I’d almost given up when last week I checked through my change as usual for anything of interest and found this:

A seemingly ordinary definitive 5p face
A seemingly ordinary definitive 5p face …
... which shows its secret when turned over - "2015".
… which shows its secret when turned over – “2015”.

There it was – my first 2015 coin found in circulation.

As usual, I did a little quick research to help with my eBay listing when I cam to sell the coin and found a few coins that had sold for around 100 times face value.

Looking to see what lessons I cold learn from these highly successful listings, I saw they all highlighted that these bore a new portrait of Her Majesty Elizabeth II by Jody Clark. This was only the fifth portrait of the Queen to be used on coins during her 63-year reign.

Therefore my listing of the coin highlighted this in the title as I was sure this would attract buyers however, within 6 hours of the listing going live, I was contacted by a collector who pointed out that the initials of of Ian Rank Broadley could be seen under the portrait.

Therefore it appears two versions of this coin are in circulation so I amended the listing and now wait to see what interest it raises.

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