Auction Update: Subaru 20p, Euro '96 £2 and 2015 5p

Just a quick update on the mixed progress on selling some of the coins I have highlighted on this blog recently.

Firstly I’ll look at success – this was most clearly seen in the sale of the 1999 Isle of Man 20p featuring a scene from the Manx Rally where a Subaru Impreza was holding off the challenge of a Ford Escort Cosworth.

An initial auction sought opening bids of £3 but this ended with plenty of attention but none of the 50+ potential buyers who viewed the sale submitted a bid at this level so it was relisted at £2 the following week.

Coupled with a better photograph, this more realistic opening price attracted almost 100 different potential byers to view the sale and two of them bid the price up to £2.70 before a buyer from Northern Ireland was successful and I was glad to sell the coin for 1,350 per cent of its face value.

A better photo seems to have made the difference
A better photo seems to have made the difference

Next I’ll look at the Euro ’96 £2 coin I was asked to auction on behalf of staff at another bar in the area. This too, is now very scarce in circulation and it exceeded the DoubleTheMoney target by attracting a winning bid of more than twice its face value.

The iconic Euro '96 £2 coin was minted in the shape of a football
The iconic Euro ’96 £2 coin was minted in the shape of a football

A collector from Staffordshire was successful with a bid of £4.44, representing a sales price of 120 per cent of face value.

And finally we turn to the brand new 2015 five pence coin I found in my supermarket change recently.


As this was the first example I’d found of this year’s fresh coinage, I thought I’d get in fast hopefully to benefit from a collector trying to be among the first to get their hands of the new issue.

This is why I listed this 5p coin for offers over £1.50 at the start of May but sadly, this attracted little more than twenty people to view the listing over the three days of this first offer.

It was relisted automatically but again failed to create much interest and now, at the end of the month, it is offered again. The price has remained at £1.50 but again there have been few viewers (but the auction will not end until Sunday afternoon so not all hope is yet lost.

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