Magic Floating Coin! Japanese One Yen

Most of the coins I sell have been examples in current UK circulation but sometimes I come across something a little different.

That was the case with a small very lightweight coin I spotted lying on a pavement outside a supermarket recently.

I realised it was of Asian origin but needed further research to discover this was a One Yen coin issued by Japan during the reign of the Emperor Hirohito. He is the current Emperor, assuming the role in 1989 but, as yet,  I have not discovered the exact date of this coin.

More intriguing was the lightweight metal used to make the coin and online research confirmed my suspicions this was aluminium and I was surprised to see this means it can float on water.

As I have a rule not to collect the coins I discover, it was obvious I should offer the coin for sale. To achieve its best price, I always focus on any coin’s most distinctive quality so this left me wondering if I would achieve the best price by selling to a coin collector or to an amateur magician.

In the end, I listed the coin on the collectable coins section of eBay but stressed this aluminium oddity’s other feature, noting that, in the right hands, it could amaze children or even win its new owner a few drinks at their local bar as I’m sure it will also be the only coin to float on beer, vodka or wine.

Anyway, here is a video my son helped me to make to illustrate how the coin floats:

I’ll let you know how the sale turns out.

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