Update – Latest 2008 Final Britannia 50p

There was a great result in May when I auctioned the latest 2008 Britannia 50p coin I found in change while out shopping.

These 50p coins from a limited release of just 3.5 million issued before the introduction of the new Royal Shield suite of coins (where the full image can only be seen when coins from 1p to 50p are arranged in the correct format) are actually far rarer than many commemorative issues.

There was a media outcry when it emerged this change to standard coinage would mean the disappearance of Britannia from British coinage or the first time since her introduction in 1672.

So, this discovery was quickly photographed (to my usual rough and ready standards) and offered for auction on eBay at he end of April with a starting price of £1.50.


Despite dozens of views, my seven-day auction was four days old before an intial bid was placed but things soon livened up the following morning when another determined bidder decided they wanted the coin.

A rival bid of £1.80 pushed the price up, quickly followed by further bids of £2.20, £2.60 and £3 before this rival bidder considered their options for several minutes. Then they were back three minutes later with bids of £3.50, £3.90 and then a determined jump to £5 but still this was not enough to lead the auction.

That meant the top bid stood at £5.50 and remained with the original bidder but this changed several hours later when the second bidder placed a new offer of £6.00, beating the original bid of £5.86.

However this [rompted the original bidder to return with a new bid to trump the £6 offer and raise the price to £6.50 with more than 24 hours stull to run on the auction but this final offer was successful.

Despite plenty of attention, this price was not challenged so the coin went to a woman form the north of England for £6.50.

Clearly she was happy with her purchase because a couple of days later I received very positive feedback – “Excellent service would buy again. Well packaged thanks.”

Equally, I was delighted when my PayPal account received more than thirteen times the face value of this iconic Britannia 50p.

Now to find the next one …